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We invest in cutting-edge consumer products to accelerate product and business scalability. We respect and seek out entrepreneurs with product vision, consumer insight, and unwavering ambition.

The inventor's struggle. It's real.


Inventors are typically strong at creating great products, but weak at building sustainable companies.


Early-stage startups lack the manufacturing connections, logistics expertise, warehousing facilities, and capital required to effectively bring their products to market.


Even if the product is ultimately manufactured, startups need distribution partnerships to get their products into retail stores.

Want proof?


of Kickstarter products are delivered late or never make it to market
...and why is this?
  • 1. Manufacturing Obstacles
  • 2. Shipping Problems
  • 3. Marketing at Scale

We're here to change all of that for you.

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The BL!NK Innovations Venture Lab is currently open for idea submissions of consumer retail products. If you’re a tenacious inventor and have an awe-inspiring idea, don’t hesitate to apply for the B! Lab today.

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